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Do you know someone who has filed for bankruptcy? Chances are you do.

In 2014 nearly one million Americans filed for bankruptcy while roughly two million Americans got divorced. So why does it seem like nearly everyone knows at least one person that has gotten divorced why no one seems to know anyone that has filed for bankruptcy relief? It is simple. In this day and age people readily talk about divorce. There is nothing taboo about it. But, with bankruptcy people are simply more tight-lipped. But just because people do not typically talk about bankruptcy, it does not mean that it does not occur.

Thinking about filing for bankruptcy? You are in good company.

What do Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Larry King, Burt Reynolds, and John Wayne have in common? All these folks have filed for bankruptcy in the course of their lifetime. And quite frankly I am not surprised. Between divorce, unemployment, under-employment, disability, a failed business venture and just the sheer difficulty surviving in Northern Virginia, one of the most expensive areas in the Country, it is a wonder that you do not have even more people resorting to bankruptcy.

Have you been putting off bankruptcy relief because you feel ashamed or embarrassed?

The fact of the matter is that bankruptcy has been around since the birth of our country. The Founding Fathers when drafting the Constitution gave Congress the power to establish uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcy throughout the United States. And while there have been some major revisions to the Bankruptcy Code over the years, the legal right for an individual to file for bankruptcy has been around for over 200 years. The Supreme Court of the United States said it best when it stated that the principal purpose of the Bankruptcy Code is to grant a fresh start to the honest, but unfortunate debtor! So if you have fallen on hard times through no fault of your own –which is the case for 99 percent of the people I meet- then you deserve a fresh start.


Deciding to file for bankruptcy can be a very difficult decision. But, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you behind on your mortgage or facing foreclosure?
  • Has the bank promised you a loan modification on your mortgage, but failed to deliver?
  • Are you being sued by the bank following a short sale?
  • Is your paycheck being garnished?
  • Has your credit card debt become unmanageable?
  • Are you facing thousands of dollars in tax debt owed to the IRS?
  • Is your security clearance in jeopardy?
  • Is bad credit preventing you from getting a job?
  • Are you being sued? Have you been served with a Warrant in Debt?
  • Are you scared of picking up the phone when it rings?
  • Has a debt management plan failed to offer you the relief you sought?
  • Are you looking for a fresh start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are you need bankruptcy relief. By working together we can stop the foreclosure of your home and possibly save your home, we can put an end to the garnishment of your paycheck, wipe away thousands of dollars in credit card debt and medical bills, and end those harassing phone calls. In short, together we can get you that fresh start you are looking for and help you get on with your life.


Bankruptcy does more than just wipe away debt, help you deal with a pending foreclosure, and step in when you are being sued. Bankruptcy can offer emotional relief. Many of my clients tell me that they cannot sleep at night, cannot focus at work, and in some situations have discussed divorce as a result of the financial strain. Filing for bankruptcy can put an end to all of that. The majority of my clients tell me that they feel like a great weight has been lifted off their shoulders once their bankruptcy case is underway and they are finally able to return to their normal routine. Bankruptcy relief can be measured in ways not captured on a spreadsheet.


If you are like most of my clients, you are probably wondering how long your bankruptcy will stay on your credit report. The bankruptcy filing will appear on your credit report for up to ten years.  But, the fact of the matter is that your credit score will typically be 100 points higher one year after the filing of a bankruptcy. Two years after your bankruptcy discharge and it is not unusual to see your credit score climb to 700. You will likely be able to obtain a mortgage two years after your bankruptcy case concludes and a car loan at an interest rate of around 12% will be offered to you the very next day after you come out of bankruptcy. And yes, you will be able to obtain a new credit card or rent an apartment right after your bankruptcy case concludes.

The bottom line: Bankruptcy is a bump in the road, but certainly not the end of the road! There most certainly is life after bankruptcy.

As for the emotional aspect of having to file for bankruptcy, I understand that it is the last thing in the world that you want to do. I understand that you never imagined yourself being in a position where you would be seeking the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. And I certainly understand that you have done everything within your means to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. But, imagine a world where you do not worry have to worry about opening your mail. Imagine not having to worry about lawsuits and garnishments. Stop living in fear. Take control of your life.  Take the necessary steps to become debt free.

As one of my former clients wrote, “I have spent the last 4 years procrastinating filing bankruptcy as the harassing phone calls from creditors rang through to my cell phone with no reprieve. Finally in October 2010 I made the huge leap (or so I thought) to finally search for an attorney in my area and file my case. I had called a couple of local Bankruptcy Attorney’s whose first response was to “go online and fill out all of the paperwork before entering the office.” I work full time and have an infant, filling out paperwork for hours online is just NOT possible. I made one last attempt to contact a lawyer who would be able to work with my needs and schedule, this is when I found Robert Brandt. He made filing easy, stress free and quick! Thank you Robert for lifting the load off my shoulders that I have been carrying for YEARS…I cannot thank you enough.”

While filing for bankruptcy is a tough decision, it is a decision that can lead to a new beginning. CALL RIGHT NOW TO SET UP AN INITIAL CONSULTATION. The sooner you call, the better you will feel.

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